Entering the Artist's World

Entering the Artist's World

Entering the Artist's World

Painter profile

Artist XiongMing Birthday: 1965 , Hometown: Jiangxi
Xiong Ming studied oil painting department of Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts (now China Academy of Fine Arts) in 1988. He studied under the teachers of Quan Shanshi, Ma Yuru, Qin Dahu, Xu Mangyao, Huang Deyi and Jin Mei. In July 2011, he was invited by the Italian Artists Union to exhibit his personal works in Italy. His unique "Chinese flavor" oil painting style has had a certain response in the local oil painting industry. Currently signed artist for the Louvre in France. It is reported that the Louvre has very strict and even strict requirements on the artists signed, and so far there are very few Chinese and even Chinese artists who can sign with them. The agreement is signed once a year, and even if it is signed, the Louvre can be terminated at any time according to the artist's creative performance. Because of this, the charm of the Louvre's art palace has made artists dream of it. At that time, masters such as Picasso, Monet, Degas, and Hobbes all signed contracts with the Louvre. In February 2018, the first domestic solo exhibition of "Shao Yan Hai" was held at Shanghai Art Museum. In May 2018, he participated in the exhibition of works of artists organized by the Louvre in Paris, France, and joined the Louvre Artists Association of France in the same month. Joined the American Portrait Association on September 3, 2018, and joined the New York Artists Association on October 17, 2019. In November 2019, his work "The Start of a Master" was exhibited at the National Art Exhibition.

Painter's principle

The principle of the painter

Xiong Ming always adheres to one principle: "Chinese painting uses the basic techniques of" writing "horse painting; Chinese painting talks about the same origins of" book "and" painting ". I take this as the basic principle of my painting, and then combine it with what I learned from the teacher To explain Chinese painting based on the basis of oil painting. Make every effort to form your own unique style. " With no devotion, I strive to improve myself and continue to move forward in stability.

Personal evaluation

The painter Xiong Ming's "Chinese flavor" oil painting was favored by the Italian Artists 'Union. On September 2, Carmine Gelli, Chairman of the Italian Artists' Union and Chairman of the Northern Chamber of Commerce of Italy, Carmine Gelli and Italian painter Claudio Giullianelli made a special trip Xiong Ming, a painter on the Hefang Street in Hangzhou, highly appreciates his level of oil painting. Jamie Geely believes that Xiong Ming's oil paintings are truly a combination of Chinese and Western styles. His paintings show Chinese culture and use Western oil painting techniques to enable Europeans to better understand Chinese culture. Chinese culture is vast and profound. Moreover, Xiong Ming is a very comprehensive artist. He can reflect the characteristics of Chinese ink painting in oil painting. In July in Italy, he took oil paintings with Chinese freehand style and performed Chinese paintings live, bringing a very deep impression to the local people. “I often travel between Italy and China, but it ’s really difficult for artists like Xiong Ming who can take care of both Chinese and oil paintings,” said Jamie Geely. Due to the recognition of Xiong Ming by the Italian Artists Union, they plan to Xiong Ming was again invited to Italy to hold an art exhibition for him. It is difficult for Chinese painters to get European recognition in oil painting, but we think Xiong Ming will be more easily accepted and loved because he has outstanding painting skills. "

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